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Being in business can be stressful and challenging. 87% fail within 3 years.

Research, planning and quality business mentoring is a proven solution to avoid business failure.

At Contact First Business Solutions, we provide quality business mentoring and advisory services that focus on transferring skills and developing management know how.

Contact First Business Solutions operates with a dynamic ‘Can Do’ attitude to provide solutions for small and medium business. Our services are tailored specifically to suit your needs. Working together, we create strategies to deliver consistency and efficiency.

Contact First Business Solutions creates a winning pathway to build growth and sustainability. Our expertise is grounded with first hand ‘real time’ experience and professional qualifications over a wide range of industry sectors.

Contact First Business Solutions supports Indigenous Business and promotes the values of inclusion, collaboration and diversity. Check out our calender for info on our free ÍNTO Business Workshops that we will be delivering in 2013.

Our business model is built on delivering exceptional customer service. We are proud of our client testimonials which consistently reflect this.

Contact First Business Solutions are guaranteed to enrich your business life.

Upcoming Events

Contact First host a range of informative workshops and seminars to help you and your business thrive. Click on the highlighted calendar dates for more information.

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6 Tips and Tricks for Your Business’s Facebook Page

Ever wondered how to make your Business’s Facebook page just that little bit better? The following six tips and tricks are to help you do just that!

Introducing Your Business?

Ever been in the situation where you’ve had to introduce yourself or your business, but only had a short time to do so? A handy hint is to imagine you’re in an elevator with someone and you only have until they get off to make your spiel. This post gives you a template to follow for your own 60 second elevator pitch.

Introduction to the National Business Names Register

A new national business names registration system will commence on 28 May 2012.

Smart Business Needs To Be Tech Savey

A number of local businesses I have assisted over the past 3 years have been a victim of antiquated systems and/or almost non-existent systems.  Once they have been convinced to introduce or implement new and updated technology into their business they too have seen and felt the benefit.

How To Create Business Growth In Challenging Times

I was reading with interest an article written in one of our Queensland papers a while ago.

The article was re-instating what I have been saying all year – forget about the importance that folk are putting on the on-line businesses taking away trade from retailers.  Customer service is the Nr 1 deciding factor in purchasing goods/services required.

Keeping Those Strings Attached

Last year I was asked to visit our cold Capital City, Canberra. One of the Federal Government Departments that I am contracted to wanted me for questioning?

What our Clients Say…

​Hi Melanie,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the opportunity to attend your Business Grow Breakfast and talk about our wonderful program to the local business community.

assisting and supporting people with a disability to obtain employment is a job very rewarding and close to my heart. Your kind and truthful words spoken at the breakfast about corporate responsibility to engage with people that may face barriers towards employment made such an impact that we have a whopping 8 people with secure and sustainable employment.

Thank you Melanie for understanding all aspects of business including employment, it is with pleasure that Epic Employment link with your fantastic program to create more opportunity for the Redlands.

Kind Regards
Priscilla Dadson

Priscilla Dadson, Employment Consultant - Epic Employment Service Inc

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